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REAP Reviews is the best ASO - App Store Optiomization solution for android apps. We provide thousands of installs, reviews and active users/testers from all over the world. You can even customize the keywords, rates and from which countries you want to receive the reviews. To fulfil the big amount of installs, plays and keeps requested from our customers, we created an android app "Make Money Playing Games" , which is based on a fair system to make people make money by sharing with us the profit.

Important: The reviews will be only wroten by our stuff to secure a high review quality.

we created REAP Reviews?

According to Evans Data the worldwide number of mobile developers, in 2014, is 8.7 Million and it’s normal considering that everyday hundreds of new Apps are published in Google play store out of which many of them never reach any users. It’s caused by the deficiency of Google play store ranking system which is not only based on downloads but also on reviews and active users. Big studios somehow manage to get downloads and reviews because of their associations. But for the new companies/developers it will be hard to get noticed, to compete with the old Apps who already have thousands of installs and to get higher in some popular keywords. It’s almost impossible to go in the first pages in the beginning without spending a lot of money on it.
Download Make Money Playing Games from Google Play Store
However there are some solution like Mobile advertising network which you can use to get downloads and reviews but the problem they are not proportional, the price is too high compare to what you will earn, In consequence we have created this platform to give an initial push to all the new Apps by getting: Installs, Plays and maintains from our member community users which share with us the benefits
You just have to choose or create your custom (here)

gain visibility and installs with REAP

it works?

REAP Reviews is based on a fair system to make people earn money and rewards while helping us to promote our customers apps and games.
We provide them many ways to fulfil this:
  • Download our customers apps for installation bonus
  • Test and Play the apps for at least 3 minutes
  • Keep the apps installed for 24hours
  • Complete simple tasks (for some): watching videos, completing surveys, Registering to websites ...

  • if they download 20 apps, play them 3 times and keep them 3 days installed, they can reach 14$ !

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